Professional CV Layout

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Tweet Professional CV Layout When writing your Professional CV, after sorting out the STAR wording in various sections, the key question to address in communicating your suitability for a specific job is that of Professional CV Layout. Accepting that a Professional CV is a focused and factual sales document to get you an interview – […]

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Which date of birth format on my CV?

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Tweet Date of Birth on CV Livvy asks: Because I am under 18 I want to put my date of birth on my CV. How should I format it: January 9, 1993 9-1-1993 In answer: Legally in the UK, the European Union and many states in the United States, under age discrimination laws you don’t […]

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Are you allowed to put your date of birth on your CV?

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Tweet Date of Birth Daniel asks: I am applying for new jobs at the moment, and have been told not to put my date of birth on there anymore as there is some new law about age discrimination? I don’t think my age will go against me so am I allowed to to leave my […]

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Interviewer says my resume is too bleak!

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Tweet CV Writing photo credit: Aplomb Hyder, a web developer asks: I had an interview at a design firm this morning. The interviewer told me that my resume was too bleak to be considered. I have always felt that I’ve got at least enough experience behind my back to be considered for a regular developer’s […]

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