Job Search is a process of learning by rejection

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Tweet Job Search is a process of Learning by Rejection I have been wanting to write this post for a while, but after an experience in the past few weeks, don’t think that I can put off not publishing much longer. Why do Good Job Seekers get Rejected? I started on this path by trying […]

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Solving Job Search Depression

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Tweet Solving Job Search Depression In this economy at present, it is a common situation amongst job seekers: getting depressed due to the lack of results in their job search. We shouldn’t be surprised that many do get depression during their extended job search, but what does surprise me is that when I talk through […]

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Employment Reference Questions

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Tweet Employment Reference Questions Claire, a nurse, asks: can an employer offer you a job subject to reference, and then tell you they had “concerns” and offer a lower paid job? I had been doing a band 7 nursing position at a hospital for 18months, and saw an advert at another hospital for a full […]

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Like dentists, we expect tooth pain!

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Tweet Job Search Pain photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography As recruiters, all job applicants who approach us portray themselves as perfect and right – usually absolutely right – for the job we are advertising. Our role then is to test to see if that is true both functionally and well as socially inside our clients […]

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