Should Social Media information be a reason for job rejection?

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Tweet Social Media photo credit: mandiberg Tony asks: I’ve just had an argument with one of my friends who works for the HR dept of her company for disqualifying a candidate, not because of his rich experience, great educational background or excellent references but rather the things she happened to dislike that were on his […]

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Drugs – part of society, but not part of employment?

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Tweet Drugs in employment I read this story this morning with some horror. Not only does it show how the financial barriers to access drugs are becoming lower – 20p a hit is around the same price as a cigarette; plus the tragic loss of life. It also shows how “accepted and normal” the whole […]

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Drugs, football – and succession management

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Tweet The US sprinter Antonio Pettigrew was in court in San Francisco last week, in the trial of athletics coach Trevor Graham, who has presently denied charges of lying to US federal authorities. The court heard Pettigrew testifying that Graham encouraged him to inject human growth hormone and EPO, both banned substances, from 1997. Pettigrew […]

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