UK Unemployment: January 2010

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Tweet UK Unemployment: January 2010 The Office of National Statistics released the UK Unemployment data today, and it contained a small shock: unemployment fell by 7,000, the first fall in 18months. Total unemployment stood at 2.46 million for the three months to November, down 7,000 on the figure for the previous three months. It ends […]

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Economy Jobs: Just the end of the beginning

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Tweet Economy Jobs: Just the end of the beginning photo credit: stuartpilbrow After a torrid month of politics, and a positive month of economics, it is difficult not to be positive about the value of democracy to the British people. But neither the economic crisis which started in the 2000’s build up of debt is […]

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Sunday Thoughts: where next?

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Tweet If this was a blog about employment, we would talk about employment. Except at present, employment is not the issue – the problem is unemployment. It is not only rising fast, it is also being implemented in a biased manner. Stories have already emerged that women are bearing the brunt of redundancy ahead of […]

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How bad will 2009 get? Go and ask the Bank Manager

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Tweet The first Sunday Thoughts of 2009, and I suppose like many I am writing about predictions in 2009. Oh, and before I forget – Happy New Year! From a business view point, looking back at 2008 the down turn hit the UK hard and fast from August/September 2008. That was a full 12months after […]

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Sunday Thoughts: Europeans don’t want to learn…

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Tweet I love learning – looking at things from new perspectives, adding to a portfolio of idea’s. But something has struck me in the past month which is making me think – hard. I attended a presentation recently, from an excellent presenter – some body who I would certainly recommend others to go and see […]

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