Job Search is a process of learning by rejection

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Tweet Job Search is a process of Learning by Rejection I have been wanting to write this post for a while, but after an experience in the past few weeks, don’t think that I can put off not publishing much longer. Why do Good Job Seekers get Rejected? I started on this path by trying […]

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1000 Job Applications, No Job

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Tweet 1000 Job Applications, No Job Thomas asks: I have sent out over 1000 CV’s and Job Applications, so far with no job offers. I am in the Armed Forces, I have a degree, I have experience and I am willing to move. I find jobs all the time. What does society want from me? […]

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Explaining unemployment in a job interview?

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Tweet Explaining unemployment in a job interview? Haydn asks: I have been unemployed for nearly 6 months now. I finished university in 2007 and have only managed to get 2 fixed terms jobs (one for 6 months and another for 4) with gaps in between them. The problem is that in the last 6 months […]

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Redundancy or Jump?

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Tweet Redundancy or Jump? I get asked this question of redundancy or jump constantly at present, which only goes to fuel my thought that the economy has not yet turned around. Here is a version of the question, with my thoughts and suggested actions: Loren asks: When is the best time to jump from a […]

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Job Search Lessons

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Tweet Job Search Errors What is your excuse for not being able to get the job you want? It’s the economy It’s the market It’s where I live It’s my skill set I am too old/young, etc Can I be straight with you? It is probably less to do with the above, and more to […]

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