Can I delete education from my CV?

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Tweet CV Education photo credit: Samuel Mann Greg asks: I get the feeling that the education on my CV is impeding me, in finding a job and otherwise, because people will inevitably ask about it, and I don’t like to talk about my past; also it raises expectations of me that I cannot meet. Do […]

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Should Social Media information be a reason for job rejection?

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Tweet Social Media photo credit: mandiberg Tony asks: I’ve just had an argument with one of my friends who works for the HR dept of her company for disqualifying a candidate, not because of his rich experience, great educational background or excellent references but rather the things she happened to dislike that were on his […]

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Do employers always check qualifications?

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Tweet Qualifications Check Jordan asks: Do employers always check if you have taken gcse’s when they requested you need them in there advert? I’m 19 years old and didn’t take my GCSE’s in high school. I have an interview for an apprenticeship in a few days that I have had my heart set on, but […]

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