Agency Work

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Tweet Agency Work Temporary Job How to get Agency Work or a Temporary Job Even though as a recruitment agecy we don’t handle Agency Work, I often get asked how to get Agency Work or a Temporary Job. The system I keep recommending works time after time, and very quickly, and its quite easy to […]

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Telephone Interview Help!

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Tweet Telephone Interview Help! James asks: I need some guidance on what to say when I receive a phone call from a recruiter company or employment agency. Is there any specific guide for excellent telephone conversations from recruiters or employment agents? How do I handle the initial phone call that recruiter companies or agents make […]

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Dating Recruitment Agencies

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Tweet Dating Recruitment Agencies Why recruitment is just like dating Recruitment, I have to say, is an odd world in which to choose to work. Firstly, and thankfully, its about people – mostly. Secondly, its about huge lumps of legislation, affecting how, who and in which way you can recruit and then employ people: much […]

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Employment Agency offer

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Tweet Employment Agency offer Sharon asks: I saw an interesting permanent job online and applied for it. The agency gave me a call and asked me if the salary would be a problem. I said no but why? They say that they offered the job to another candidate and he refused it because of the […]

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