Employment law changes: April 2012

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Tweet Employment law changes April 2012 So, what was last week like for you? Get a new job, get made redundant, or were you in Jeremy Hunt or David Cameron’s position and get hounded by the press? Or, you could have been sat in the UK Supreme Court, watching the world of UK employment change […]

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Best Long Term Career Advice

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Tweet Best Long term Career Advice Focus on what you can next write on your CV I see a lot of good career advisers and CV/resume writers give lots of good careers and CV Writing advice in public, but then – even in their paid for products – not follow the same rules and tactics […]

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How to deal with problems BEFORE they stop you getting employed

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Tweet How to deal with problems BEFORE they stop you getting employed I’ll mention this right up front, but everyone has a secret that they don’t want other people to know about. That’s why they are so worried by their Personal Profile. But, however small that secret, they all think that that secret will stop […]

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Employment Law: Facebook

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Tweet Employment Law: Facebook The modern trend of social media never fails to surprise or disappointment me. The latest shows that home insurers are now taking your Facebook profile into account when assessing your home insurance risk. But it was with regards HR and employment issues that I wrote Social Media Checklist, and the latest […]

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Employment law: whistle blowing

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Tweet Employment law: whistle blowing Have you ever been tempted when witnessing something at work, which you know to be immoral and probably illegal, possibly in employment law, to become a whistle blower? Perhaps it was an issue of management, judgement, or a known and well executed short cut which is illegal and continually abused? […]

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