Writing a Good CV

- Writing a Good CV

Tweet Writing a Good CV Apart from using our own Professional CV Writing Service, which guarantees you a job interview in 30days or less, last week we covered the world’s quickest, easiest and fastest way to Writing a CV This week we go one step further, and cover Writing a Good CV Differences between a […]

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Security Jobs

- Security Jobs

Tweet Security Jobs One of the fastest expanding sector of the employment market is Security Jobs. Why? Because there is an excess supply of ex-Military personnel coming onto the employment market, and secondly the combined expansion in both disorder in the UK (from clubs and bars to petty stealing and crime), and the resultant crack-down […]

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Self Employment UK

- Self Employment UK

Tweet Self Employment UK So, you decide like many in this tough employment market, to go into Self Employment UK. If you look at the various employment statistics, one of the reasons that the unemployed rate is not climbing as quickly as it could (should?), is that a growing numbers are choosing self employment in […]

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JSA + Expenses = Below Minimum Wage?

- DWP, economics, Employment, Employment Law, Internship

Tweet JSA + Expenses = Below Minimum Wage? The governments welfare to work programme seems like a wise idea: get unemployed people back to work, by putting them in work and hence giving them the idea of doing work. After a short while, they move on to doing other better paid work. But yesterday leading […]

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A-Level Results 2011

- Employment News, Internship

Tweet A-Level Results 2011 As a country, we’ve got education wrong… Today is the day in the UK when the A-Levels results are announced. Congratulations to those who got their required results, and please don’t give up hope those who didn’t quite get what they wanted. Life still goes on, you can still achieve your […]

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