Flamenco Dancing! Why you are probably better at it than job search….

- Job Search UK

Tweet Flamenco Dancing! Why you are probably a better Flamenco Dancer than a Job Searcher While sitting thinking over my Saturday morning coffee, I was trying to think of a way to show why job seekers in the current economic climate shouldn’t feel so embarrassed as to why their Job Search UK is going so […]

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LinkedIn: Accepting Connection Requests

- LinkedIn, Video

Tweet LinkedIn: Accepting Connection Requests As an active member of LinkedIn and further a LinkedIn LION, it is often assumed that I am compelled to accept all LinkedIn connection requests. Not true, and no I don’t! When I first got “active” as opposed to “on” the LinkedIn platform, I built my network from under 500 […]

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Agency Work

- Agency Work, Temporary Jobs

Tweet Agency Work Temporary Job How to get Agency Work or a Temporary Job Even though as a recruitment agecy we don’t handle Agency Work, I often get asked how to get Agency Work or a Temporary Job. The system I keep recommending works time after time, and very quickly, and its quite easy to […]

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