Who would be a student in 2012?

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Tweet Who would be a student in 2012? There have been a number of reports and statistics released in the last week, that bring about the question: who would be a student in 2012? The first was an European Union report, which confirmed that average unemployment across Europe was presently running at 10%. The second […]

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Which date of birth format on my CV?

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Tweet Date of Birth on CV Livvy asks: Because I am under 18 I want to put my date of birth on my CV. How should I format it: January 9, 1993 9-1-1993 In answer: Legally in the UK, the European Union and many states in the United States, under age discrimination laws you don’t […]

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Sunday Thoughts: Europeans don’t want to learn…

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Tweet I love learning – looking at things from new perspectives, adding to a portfolio of idea’s. But something has struck me in the past month which is making me think – hard. I attended a presentation recently, from an excellent presenter – some body who I would certainly recommend others to go and see […]

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