Job Application Statistics

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Tweet Job Application Statistics Today, I want to show you a chart I hope as a Job Seeker or someone undertaking a Job Search that you will never forget when completing a Job Application. Why? Because every day this chart shocks me, and its why as a recruitment company we came into the Job Applicant […]

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Employers are Lazy!

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Tweet Employers are Lazy! When you apply for a job, are you focused on you and your talents, or what the employer needs? Form my experience as a recruiter, most job applicants – at least 2/3rds – are more focused on themselves than the job they are applying for: They never change their CV They […]

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Kissing with Confidence?

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Tweet Job Search During your Job Search, are you Kissing with Confidence? Honestly, I doubt it. Hence, much like eating raw garlic and fresh pickled onions before kissing the person of your dreams, it is presently leaving a lasting impression that lets down your Job Application with your future employer, and hence your chance of […]

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Approaching a company without an established personal connection?

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Tweet Hannah asks: I would like to work for an employer where I presently don’t have an advertised position, and in which I have no personal connection. What is the best way to approach the company? In answer: The first thing is to only pick out companies which you are wholly passionate about. Don’t go using […]

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Which are the main competencies to assess an executive search consultant?

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Tweet Adina asks: Which are the main competencies to assess an executive search consultant? In answer: There are certain key skills that they must have, without which they can not perform and hence deliver. The most important skill is communication, that’s in both engaging with the client (and questioning their requirements – executive search consultants/head […]

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