10 things successful job seekers do, to get employed quicker

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Tweet 10 things successful job seekers do to get employed quicker When I first came into recruitment, one of the things that interested me was why successful job seekers were successful. On initial analysis they were no better qualified, skilled or capable than any other type of job seeker they were applying against, and yet […]

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CV Writing: toasters?

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Tweet CV Writing: toasters? What always surprises me when reviewing Professional CV’s – either as a recruiter or from candidate inputs to our free CV Review service – is how when people are CV Writing, they don’t consider how they are presenting themselves. If they considered how they would buy toasters, then perhaps they would […]

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Job Search: get enthusiastic about yourself!

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Tweet Job Search: get enthusiastic about yourself! David, a job seeker asks: Is it just me, or does everyone feel guilty when writing a CV/application letter? I can’t think of anything good to say about myself, everything so far is a big fat lie. In answer: In answer, NO! People often feel scared, in part […]

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Telephone Interview: salary question

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Tweet Telephone Interview: salary question Mike asks: I just completed a telephone interview, my first interview with that company. I was asked what my salary was in my previous position. I explained that I did not wish to disclose that at this time, but would be willing to discuss compensation should we move further along […]

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I Can’t Find A Job!

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Tweet I Can’t Find A Job! Jenna asks: I just can’t find a job! I have worked in retail since I left school at 16. I’m now 23 and have worked my way up to Assistant Manager. I know and it is commented in my appraisals that I am a very hard worker, and I […]

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