Cover Letter for Job

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Tweet Cover Letter for Job John, an unemployed internet professional, asks: How tailored should your Cover Letter be? Do you suggest each cover letter be written from scratch? Should you send the same cover letter for the same jobs (of course, change the company name and obvious details). Does your answer to 2) change if […]

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Difference between CV and Job Application?

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Tweet Difference between CV and Job Application? A decision to change jobs or gain employment takes a number of steps: You desire/fancy/need a new job Dust down old CV, realise its out of date. Buy new Professional CV Start sending it to various online job boards Buy newspapers/scour Job Boards , and start responding to […]

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How do HR professionals and recruiters view and vet CV’s?

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How do HR Professionals and Recruiters view and vet CV’s? And if you understand how they do that, what are requirements and insiders tricks to making sure that they call you for interview?

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