Kissing with Confidence?

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Tweet Job Search During your Job Search, are you Kissing with Confidence? Honestly, I doubt it. Hence, much like eating raw garlic and fresh pickled onions before kissing the person of your dreams, it is presently leaving a lasting impression that lets down your Job Application with your future employer, and hence your chance of […]

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Job Rejection

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Tweet Rejection Letters photo credit: Desmond Kavanagh Charles asks: I was recently rejected from a job application at the first round. Having seen so many Recruiters and HR Professionals say that they can review a CV in 20-30 seconds, I am asking myself now: how can someone really adequately review a CV in 20-30 seconds? […]

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Job Interview: poor first impression

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Tweet Recovering from poor first impression photo credit: rileyroxx Larry, a sales person, asks: I was recently in a job interview, and one of the people on the employers side and I seemed quickly not to get on. I have had this happen occasionally on sales calls. How do you handle the first encounter with […]

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