Serious CV advice

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Tweet Serious CV advice James asks: I’ve got quite a serious problem regarding my last place of employment on my CV, because I was dismissed. I worked at a bank from November 2008 to March 2009. This is the first job listed on my CV. Previous to that, I worked for a marketing firm from […]

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Job Interview: Cross Dressing

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Tweet Job Interview: Cross Dressing Claire asks: I’m a cross dresser, and am wondering what to wear for my first job interview? I’ve been cross dressing for a number of years now, making regular trips out for shopping, the cinema, etc. I haven’t confided in my close friends/family about my gender identity issues, but feel […]

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Job posting doesn’t include a salary

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Tweet Salary Negotiation photo credit: bionicteaching Joe asks: If a job posting doesn’t include a salary is it OK to ask what it is before a first interview? In answer: It depends on how desperate you are for employment, and also could be an employer “test” for applicants – particularly for those in sales. You […]

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When is the best time to look for a new job?

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Tweet Looking for a Job photo credit: di_the_huntress Richard asks: When is the best time to look for a new job? In answer: It is always a crazy market out there for jobs, but particularly at present. Even if you think your job I secure in your current post, you should always be doing the […]

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CV Basics

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Tweet CV Basics When a potential employer asks to see your curriculum vitae, CV or resume, they’re looking for one thing – a document that proves why you are the ideal candidate to invest their time and money in for that job. Essentially, a CV is a specific fact based sales brochure – no more, […]

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