Career choices?

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Tweet Career Choices? Andrew asks: If one is equally comfortable in business analyst role, presales role or business development role then which one can give best ROI in the IT field? Are there any other roles which MBAs can look for? In answer: A specific answer depends on how the roles are positioned inside the […]

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Is the world of work organised around lying?

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Tweet Career Management photo credit: mnomono Amy asks: Virtually everyone I know presents a totally different face to their boss. People are training themselves in “interview techniques”, which usually involves “saying what they want to hear”. I have to put a bunch of fake descriptions on my CV to fit in into the work world, […]

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How do you retain focus in your CV/Resume with a broad experience level?

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Tweet How To Write a CV photo credit: myeralan Barry asks: How do you retain focus in you CV/Resume with a broad experience level? Does demonstrating experience in other realms provide an accelerated path for promotion? How often should you tailor your CV/Resume – per position or per company? How important is it to take […]

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Commenting on your boss in an interview

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Tweet Commenting on your boss in an interview Priya asks: When you are interviewing for a position, and are asked about your previous manager ,why do you think the answer should always be a positive one? In answer: Simply – people like to hire people that are always a part of the solution, not a […]

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