Writing a Good CV

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Tweet Writing a Good CV Apart from using our own Professional CV Writing Service, which guarantees you a job interview in 30days or less, last week we covered the world’s quickest, easiest and fastest way to Writing a CV This week we go one step further, and cover Writing a Good CV Differences between a […]

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Many job interviews, no job offers

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Tweet Many job interviews, no job offers Mary asks: I am a teacher, and am having no luck in landing a job. I am getting a good ratio of job interviews, but in 10 so far have not been offered one job. What am I doing wrong, what could I do to improve my performance? […]

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Job Application: always think Job Interview

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Tweet Job Application: Always think Job Interview If there is one mistake that the majority of job applications make, it is focusing serially on their job application, over success in the final aim: the job interview Why is focusing on the job interview a more successful strategy over focusing serially on: Finding jobs Job Application […]

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Job Search: qualifications transfer

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Tweet Job Search: qualifications transfer Tauraz asks: I am a Overseas Qualified Pharmacist, but due to regulations in the UK, I cant practice as a Pharmacist. I completed a Masters degree in Business from a very reputed UK University and I have 3 months experience as a Territory Manager selling Speciality products (Vaccines-Hormones). I presently […]

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Job Search: Costs

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Tweet Job Search Costs Have you ever considered the costs of a Job Search? No? Perhaps you should, because even if your job search is going well, your job search is costing you time and hence money. Firstly, lets put aside the cost of missed opportunity in the wages you are missing. The average UK […]

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