Despite the economists, there are always jobs!

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Tweet Despite the economists, there are always jobs! Who do you believe in a job search at present? The economists or the reality of the volume of job adverts and job boards? If you believe the former, then you are probably missing employment opportunity. Yet, if you tested the jobs market in the right way, […]

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Investment Banking Pay

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Tweet Investment Banking Pay With the publication this week of the Walker Review, the issues which came to drag the global economy, and particularly the British economy, down into recession have been revisited by the media, particularly when Walker himself gives a huge pointed sign to them that they should. One of Walkers main conclusions […]

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Bankers are part of the key to reducing long term unemployment

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Tweet Bankers are part of the key to reducing long term unemployment With the G20 summit coming up this week, there have been a lot of preparatory talks about key issues to both keep the global economy moving, as well as reforming it to ensure that much of the bad stuff of 2008 doesn’t happen […]

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The scale of the global economic problem: 6 versus 1574

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Tweet 2009 Employment Prospects Are we sure yet if the worst of the global economic crisis is behind us, let alone its effects on global employment? I saw a tweet on Sunday night from Jason Calacanis, the co-founder of Weblogs inc and CEO of human SEO Mahalo: Chance of the stock market crashing tomorrow/Tuesday when […]

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