Job Search: get enthusiastic about yourself!

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Tweet Job Search: get enthusiastic about yourself! David, a job seeker asks: Is it just me, or does everyone feel guilty when writing a CV/application letter? I can’t think of anything good to say about myself, everything so far is a big fat lie. In answer: In answer, NO! People often feel scared, in part […]

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Employment: How to spot a liar?

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Tweet Employment: How to spot a liar? Sam, an unemployed job seekers, asks: Have you ever got a job because you lied on your CV? In answer: A supplemental question to you Sam: and when do you think you will get sacked/without notice, and possible sued/sent to jail? Lying in your CV is not illegal, […]

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Linkedin Jobs: Q&A?

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Tweet Linkedin Jobs: Q&A? Dave Lawson asks: How do Recruiters and Hiring Managers look upon LinkedIn Q&A? Many people participate in Q&A under the assumption that it improves their overall resume. Yet, how do recruiters and hiring managers look upon participation in Q&A? Do you review the Q&A contributions of potential candidates? Are numbers – […]

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Tough Interview Questions

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Tweet Tough Interview Questions Bob McIntosh, a career coach, asks: Why do people lose their wits at an interview? People who otherwise appear confident and accomplished, sometimes fall down at an interview. Why? In answer: Often, simply because they have not accepted the situation as one where pressure will be applied, and secondly are inexperienced […]

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British Airways – no pay, but no jobs guarantee

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Tweet British Airways – no pay, but no jobs guarantee British Airways has announced today that in response to their request that 30,000 workers work for nothing for up to 1month: 800 will working for nothing for one month 4,000 workers are taking 1months unpaid leave 1,400 people have volunteered to work part-time Chief executive […]

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