Sunday Thoughts: where next?

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Tweet If this was a blog about employment, we would talk about employment. Except at present, employment is not the issue – the problem is unemployment. It is not only rising fast, it is also being implemented in a biased manner. Stories have already emerged that women are bearing the brunt of redundancy ahead of […]

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UK immigration death sentences – targets over policy, compassion, thought, and common sence

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Tweet I have always though and believed that the UK was a fair and open minded society, but I am out raged at the actions of our Labour government. When I lived in Kent, I knew what the immigration problem was – all I needed to do was to drive to Dover from Tunbridge Wells […]

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How do you spend £50k pa on taxis? Join an RDA…..

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Tweet Something that amazed me when I first moved back to Wales was the reliance on grant based business culture: Need to put a business plan together? Then there’s a grant for that…. Need to a financial review? There’s a grant for that…. Need to employ staff? There’s a grant for that…. Need to train […]

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