Job Application: interface and handling

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Tweet Job Application: Interface and Handling While the internet tries to make Job Application easier, there’s an age old problem of the Employment Process that makes Job Application more difficult. What type of interface and handling are you dealing with? You may have made a few job applications, and you may be accepting of the […]

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What’s Love got to do with ….. Successful Job Search?

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Tweet What’s Love got to do with ….. Successful Job Search? It’s Valentine’s Day, and I suppose we have to talk above love. What, in the work environment? A few thoughts…. While one third of couples meet at work… The number of employment related cases of sexual abuse and harrasment is rising No, not in […]

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Why recruiters reject you!

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Tweet Why recruiters reject you As a recruiter, it some times surprises me when job applicants and job seekers complain about being rejected by recruiters. They some how think that we are a personal service, and therefore should always care about them, by: Acknowledging their communication Always calling them on the telephone, no matter how […]

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Social Media Checklist

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Tweet Social Media Checklist If you are a Job Seeker wondering why you got rejected, Or an Executive wondering why head hunters don’t call? Its probably because of your (or lack of…) Social Media footprint! Solve the problem TODAY with Social Media Checklist If you are a job seeker, a skilled worker, or an executive […]

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