Job Application: trial period

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Tweet Job Application: trial period Claire, a job seeker, asks: Is this employer taking advantage of me? I gave my CV into a cafe to apply for a job as a waitress, and the next day she called me asking if I could come and work for a 2hr non-paid trial? The following day, I […]

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Employment Contract Law

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Tweet Employment Contract Law Sue asks: In May 2008, I joined my present employer and signed a regular Contract of Employment. The hours were scheduled Monday to Friday, 9-6. In March 2009, they asked me to work shifts, promising that soon a new position would have been made available for me, that suited more my […]

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Do employers always check qualifications?

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Tweet Qualifications Check Jordan asks: Do employers always check if you have taken gcse’s when they requested you need them in there advert? I’m 19 years old and didn’t take my GCSE’s in high school. I have an interview for an apprenticeship in a few days that I have had my heart set on, but […]

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Drugs – part of society, but not part of employment?

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Tweet Drugs in employment I read this story this morning with some horror. Not only does it show how the financial barriers to access drugs are becoming lower – 20p a hit is around the same price as a cigarette; plus the tragic loss of life. It also shows how “accepted and normal” the whole […]

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