Professional job application difference

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Tweet Professional job application difference Last week we talked about the three things that you have to do to get employed: Technical Fit: the right combination of skills, qualifications and experiences Social Fit: do you get on with the hiring manager, his team, that department/division and the company Magnetic Fit: do you see the markets […]

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Talent Management and Job Application

- Job Application, Job Application Rejection, Talent Management

Tweet Talent Management and Job Application The problem for the corporate HR manager these days is volume of job applications, which have only been added to in recent cold economic times. Add in that you have to justify against legislation every hire and fire decision, and the need for some assistance in talent management becomes […]

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Worst CV ever?

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Tweet Worst CV ever? Kay, an HR manager, asks: As a hiring manager or recruiter, what was the WORST CV that you ever laid eyes on and why? I would say the worst I have ever seen (this was years ago) was hand written in pencil which compelled me no less to read on. It […]

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Cambridge graduate?

- CV Tips, CV Writing, Employment, Job Application, Qualifications

Tweet Cambridge graduate? Chin, the HR Manager for a Hong Kong based commercial organisation, asks: Some months ago, our company had a CV from an English man. This man was sent to a college of Cambridge University by RAF. He said he did physics course for 2 years there, which RAF tasked him in order […]

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Why Don’t You Get A Job?

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Tweet Why Don’t You Get A Job? If you would like to find out if our team of Professional CV writers can help you, call all us on: 0844 884 2825 Why Don’t You Get A Job? Are you getting a bit confused as to why you are continually rejected in your job applications? Do […]

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