Same employer, multiple opportunities

- Job Application

Tweet Same employer, Multiple opportunities Often, you will find a situation when if you have targetted a particularly large employer, like in Step3, Job Application of the 5 Steps to Employment, then multiple positions will appear at the same time. What do you do to stand the best chance of employment? Firstly, be honest with […]

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Dates of Employment

- How to Write a CV

Tweet Dates of Employment One of the problems many older job seekers have, and those without continual employment time lines, is the inclusion of dates of employment within both their Professional CV and Job Application. My answer to solving any CV Writing Problem is always to look at the problem from the employers view point. […]

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Next Job: clarity and quick employment

- career change, career coaching, career management, career planning, career transition, Next Job

Tweet Next Job: clarity and quick employment When looking for a new job, the question that many job seekers face, is what should be their next job? While there are many good tools and techniques for developing personal career plans and visions as to what would suit you long term, the simple need of most […]

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How to hire a recruiter

- career change, Employer, Employment, Job Application, job search, recruiters, recruitment, tutorial

Tweet How to hire a recruiter I was talking to a friend this morning, who asked if I would speak to 200 SME business people next year about how to hire a recruiter. I thought this a quite simple and easy task which could be completed in around 30seconds, and not need a 30min slot […]

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Employers are Lazy!

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Tweet Employers are Lazy! When you apply for a job, are you focused on you and your talents, or what the employer needs? Form my experience as a recruiter, most job applicants – at least 2/3rds – are more focused on themselves than the job they are applying for: They never change their CV They […]

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