(Bad) Example of a Job Advert

- Example of a Job Advert

Tweet (Bad) Example of a Job Advert Sometimes you look at things, and think: “Bet they lost their job as a result of doing that!” A friend on social media told me to have a look at a job advert posted on Reed.co.uk recently by Croydon-based recruiter Operations Resources, which is one of the worst […]

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Job application: rejection in your CV?

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Tweet Job application: rejection in your CV? When job seekers make a job application, and are rejected, many think that its probably in their Professional CV that the problem lies. But, on reflecting on a variety of statistics and personal experiences, I will happily tell you today that the problem is probably not in your […]

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Job Application: reference check

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Tweet Job Application: reference check Tracy, a Life Coach, asks: What do recruiters and HR Professionals use to check references of job applicants? I am trying to determine how to best advise my clients when listing references and am curious to know the opinions of those doing the checking. What do you look for and […]

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IT Professional CV

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Tweet IT Professional CV The IT Professional CV is the instrument by which many IT Professionals will advance their career. It therefore requires an amount of attention and effort to create the right document However, many of those we see in review in our Professional CV Help service, suffer the same old problems, and resultant […]

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Best CV = Lying?

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Tweet Best CV = Lying? When we are answering Job Application questions, either for clients or on forums, a significant number of them deal with what is the Best CV; and a second category deals with what is acceptable CV lying? A thought therefore occurred to me: are the Best CV’s written by Liars? Before […]

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