Sainsburys Jobs

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Tweet Sainsburys Jobs In our regular Thursday Job Application Form series, this post is about applying for Sainsburys Jobs. We have already done Aldi, Asda, Morrisons and Tescos in this series, so there is lot of information here to apply for Retail Jobs. Sainsburys background Sainsbury’s was established as a partnership in 1869 when John […]

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Job Application: why yours was rejected

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Tweet Job Application: why yours was rejected It is only once their job application has been rejected, that most job seekers get an insight in why their job application failed. Unfortunately this tells them that with some fore thought, they could have figured this out for themselves. Let me help you avoid these common mistakes, […]

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Why you need a CV

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Tweet Why you need a CV Steve, a job seeker, asks: Why do you need a CV? Having been applying for jobs in the last few months, I am always asked to fill in a job application form; or if you email your CV, then they send you and application pack. I don’t understand why […]

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Employment: How to spot a liar?

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Tweet Employment: How to spot a liar? Sam, an unemployed job seekers, asks: Have you ever got a job because you lied on your CV? In answer: A supplemental question to you Sam: and when do you think you will get sacked/without notice, and possible sued/sent to jail? Lying in your CV is not illegal, […]

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CV Writing: unfair dismissal

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Tweet CV Writing: unfair dismissal? Sandy, a job seeker, asks: I got dismissed from a job, possibly unfairly, but I just accepted it. Do i have to put this in my CV, in the part where I write up my previous job experience, e.g Sales Assistant 2007-2009. In interview, do I have to mention it […]

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