Health and employment

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Tweet Health, Disclosure and Employment photo credit: niassembly The lessons for all from the case of Cheltenham Borough Council v Christine Laird, which reached a conclusion in London’s High Court yesterday, are now plain and open for all to see. The conclusion of the judge was that the recruitment procedure was poor, questions in forms […]

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Why Should I Employ YOU?

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Tweet Why Should I Employ YOU? photo credit: quinn.anya When you are in a Job Search, and have found a suitable position and are undertaking a Job Application, do you answer the question Why Should I Employ You? When you look at the typical statistics of the CV’s and Job Applications received by employers and […]

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Kissing with Confidence?

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Tweet Job Search During your Job Search, are you Kissing with Confidence? Honestly, I doubt it. Hence, much like eating raw garlic and fresh pickled onions before kissing the person of your dreams, it is presently leaving a lasting impression that lets down your Job Application with your future employer, and hence your chance of […]

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CV Format?

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Tweet Functional CV Format? photo credit: pat_ong Dan, an SEO and Marketing expert, asks: Could you offer some advice on using a Functional CV or a Chronological CV format? I am worried about using a chronological format due to the fact I’ve been laid off from my last two jobs due to my position being […]

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Jobs Online

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Tweet Jobs Online photo credit: Andrew Feinberg Jobs Board are great! Every morning, they send you a list of jobs, and having already uploaded your CV, you simply click to apply. If you can get yourself in front of a PC by 09:05, you can have applied for 20 Jobs Online by 09:10, and be […]

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