LinkedIn: CV/Resume Killer?

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Tweet LinkedIn: CV/Resume Killer? I have seen a lot of posts and commentary around recently saying that the CV/resume is dead, and long live your LinkedIn Profile. Now as a Recruiter and Professional CV Writer, was I ever going to agree with this? Well yes, in part, but the simplistic headline doesn’t tell the whole […]

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Same employer, multiple opportunities

- Job Application

Tweet Same employer, Multiple opportunities Often, you will find a situation when if you have targetted a particularly large employer, like in Step3, Job Application of the 5 Steps to Employment, then multiple positions will appear at the same time. What do you do to stand the best chance of employment? Firstly, be honest with […]

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Job Search Hell

- 5 steps to employment, Any Job Will Do

Tweet Job Search Hell! What must it be like to be in a position where there are: No jobs No employers calling you And personal pressure pilling up around you It must be job search hell! Well, I you think that’s where you are, then I’ve got news for you: like the mythical fairy garden […]

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Dates of Employment

- How to Write a CV

Tweet Dates of Employment One of the problems many older job seekers have, and those without continual employment time lines, is the inclusion of dates of employment within both their Professional CV and Job Application. My answer to solving any CV Writing Problem is always to look at the problem from the employers view point. […]

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Professional job application difference

- Job Application, Technical Social Magnetic

Tweet Professional job application difference Last week we talked about the three things that you have to do to get employed: Technical Fit: the right combination of skills, qualifications and experiences Social Fit: do you get on with the hiring manager, his team, that department/division and the company Magnetic Fit: do you see the markets […]

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