Measuring the metrics is key to improving your job application success

- career transition, Education, Job Application, NGO/NFP

Tweet Sam asks: I’m 24 and have a degree and masters but can’t even get an interview from the jobs I am applying for, it’s really frustrating. I’m thinking maybe my application forms are rubbish because I have office experience and clearly done a lot of studying so I think I am suitable for the […]

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Pre-employment screening before job offer?

- Banking Jobs, candidate, Job Application

Tweet Emma asks: I interviewed with a bank for a customer service position. When the interview wrapped up the interviewer said I moved on to the next step, which was pre-employment screening. I took the drug test and got fingerprinted. Does this mean that when the results come back in my favor I will be […]

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Should I mention my personal blog in my Resume?

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Tweet Shrinidhi Hande asks: How good do you think it is to mention about your personal blog in a professional resume? In answer:My standard answer Shrinidhi would be “no” with an aside of “it depends.” The key here is relevance to the job you are applying for, and as a business analyst as opposed to […]

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Is there employer discrimination if applicants state knowledge of Arabic and/or Russian?

- CV Writing

Tweet Rick asks: Is there employer level discrimination if applicants state a knowledge of Arabic and/or Russian on a resume. Is this a taboo subject? If someone’s resume states that they know Arabic and/or Russian language, how likely will they be discriminated against by potential employer/recruiter? Job market: U.S. and Western Europe. Should people who […]

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Thinking of changing jobs?

- career change, career coaching, career management, career planning, career transition, Employment

Tweet Thinking of changing jobs? The down turn in the economy is bringing forward many individual’s plans to change employment sectors. Having seen many jobs disappear in their sector, they suddenly seem to be bringing forward long held plans to do something else, which they have never yet put into action. Is this a time […]

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