CV Buzz Words

- CV Buzz Words

Tweet CV Buzz Words There is a lot of talk in Professional CV Writing of CV Buzz Words, also known as Keywords. The need for these buzz words came about originally with job applicants recognising that equipped with an interview buzz words list, they could potentially get a job just by sounding right for the […]

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Do you know where your job search problem lies?

- Job Application, job search, job seeking

Tweet Do you know where your job search problem lies? The problem as a recruiter that I notice with many job seekers, is that they do not know where there job search problem lies. They keep doing the same things with the same – failing – results. So, here’s the simple guide to knowing where […]

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The simple CV Writing answer: relevance

- How to Write a CV

Tweet The simple CV Writing answer: relevance I see a lot of good advice about CV Writing and How to Write a CV, but I also see a lot of bad advice as well. Most of the bad advice is not necessarily because its bad advice. Its mostly good tactical and technical advice, but given […]

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Domino’s Jobs

- Dominos Jobs

Tweet Domino’s Jobs Its that time of year again, when the UK’s student population apply for summer jobs. So we’ll be running a series of articles on answering summer job applications, starting this series with a typical fast food job application for Domino’s Pizza. Domino’s Pizza: background Domino’s was founded in 1960, and is head […]

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How to set up a Social Media based Job Search

- Find a Job, Google CV, I Need A Job, Job Application, Job Boards, LinkedIn, Social Media, Video

Tweet How to set up a Social Media based Job Search On many occasions, the first disappointment for any employer who receives a job application is how inappropriately the CV and whole job application is aimed at their job. Generally this is due to the candidate simply doing just “click to apply” and not worrying […]

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