To call or not to call?

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Tweet To call or not to call? Or, when should you follow up? (NB: The answer is to act professionally, and leave the door open!) Often over a chat with a job seeker, or in a job seeking forum, I am often faced with the question: “Should I call, or not?” The other form of […]

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First Professional CV Writers question

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Tweet First Professional CV Writers question As the owner of a recruitment business that also offers professional job seeker service, including professional CV Writing, I learn a lot from working on both sides of the recruitment market place. With my recruitment hat on, my first question to any job applicant for any of our jobs […]

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Result: employed in one job application!

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Tweet Result: Employed in one job application I often get asked by job seekers, is it possible to get employed in just one job application? Of course the answer is yes, but it is difficult to consistently make that positive and hence employed result predictable. However, it is possible to become employed in far fewer […]

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Talent Management and Job Application

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Tweet Talent Management and Job Application The problem for the corporate HR manager these days is volume of job applications, which have only been added to in recent cold economic times. Add in that you have to justify against legislation every hire and fire decision, and the need for some assistance in talent management becomes […]

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Job Application: why yours was rejected

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Tweet Job Application: why yours was rejected It is only once their job application has been rejected, that most job seekers get an insight in why their job application failed. Unfortunately this tells them that with some fore thought, they could have figured this out for themselves. Let me help you avoid these common mistakes, […]

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