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Tweet Security Jobs One of the fastest expanding sector of the employment market is Security Jobs. Why? Because there is an excess supply of ex-Military personnel coming onto the employment market, and secondly the combined expansion in both disorder in the UK (from clubs and bars to petty stealing and crime), and the resultant crack-down […]

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Strikes v Negotiation: lesson for the job seeker

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Tweet Strikes v Negotiation: lessons for the job seeker Today’s UK public sector strikes about pension rights seem to have garnered some sympathy, but little solid support amongst the present generally down trodden and high taxed British public. We only have to look at the recent plethora of Administration announcements for the High Street to […]

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British Airways – no pay, but no jobs guarantee

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Tweet British Airways – no pay, but no jobs guarantee British Airways has announced today that in response to their request that 30,000 workers work for nothing for up to 1month: 800 will working for nothing for one month 4,000 workers are taking 1months unpaid leave 1,400 people have volunteered to work part-time Chief executive […]

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