Lying on CV? Dave’s Suit says Yes!

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Tweet Lying on CV? Dave’s Suit says Yes! NB: this blog and the law say strongly, NO! To coincide with tonights launch on UK television channel Dave of the hit US drama Suits, the channel decide to investigate the amount of lying that typical UK Job Seekers think or deem necessary in the present job […]

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Careers Advice: the easy matrix method

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Tweet Careers Advice: the easy matrix method As a Recruiter and Professional CV Writer, I have seen many methods of giving job seekers Careers Advice. These normally split into two forms: Psyche testing Blue sky thinking Now, while these are great for school leavers and recent graduates, they don’t work for most experienced job seekers. […]

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Best Long Term Career Advice

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Tweet Best Long term Career Advice Focus on what you can next write on your CV I see a lot of good career advisers and CV/resume writers give lots of good careers and CV Writing advice in public, but then – even in their paid for products – not follow the same rules and tactics […]

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CV Buzz Words

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Tweet CV Buzz Words There is a lot of talk in Professional CV Writing of CV Buzz Words, also known as Keywords. The need for these buzz words came about originally with job applicants recognising that equipped with an interview buzz words list, they could potentially get a job just by sounding right for the […]

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Do you know where your job search problem lies?

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Tweet Do you know where your job search problem lies? The problem as a recruiter that I notice with many job seekers, is that they do not know where there job search problem lies. They keep doing the same things with the same – failing – results. So, here’s the simple guide to knowing where […]

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