Career plan: talent development

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Tweet Career plan: talent development Brian, a technologist and project administrator at an investment bank, asks: I’ve been doing some research into the way my organisation looks at developing, nurturing and retaining it’s internal talent, and decided it would be a good idea to see other organisational approaches and what people expect. For this question, […]

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Telephone Interview: salary question

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Tweet Telephone Interview: salary question Mike asks: I just completed a telephone interview, my first interview with that company. I was asked what my salary was in my previous position. I explained that I did not wish to disclose that at this time, but would be willing to discuss compensation should we move further along […]

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Return to former Employer

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Tweet Return to former Employer Steve asks: I have applied to return to previous employer, would anything stop a former employer taking you back on? I used to work at this bank, and left after 6 months for another job with more money – BIG MISTAKE AS I NOW HATE THE PLACE. I left because […]

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Redundancy or Jump?

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Tweet Redundancy or Jump? I get asked this question of redundancy or jump constantly at present, which only goes to fuel my thought that the economy has not yet turned around. Here is a version of the question, with my thoughts and suggested actions: Loren asks: When is the best time to jump from a […]

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Career choices?

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Tweet Career Choices? Andrew asks: If one is equally comfortable in business analyst role, presales role or business development role then which one can give best ROI in the IT field? Are there any other roles which MBAs can look for? In answer: A specific answer depends on how the roles are positioned inside the […]

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