Many job interviews, no job offers

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Tweet Many job interviews, no job offers Mary asks: I am a teacher, and am having no luck in landing a job. I am getting a good ratio of job interviews, but in 10 so far have not been offered one job. What am I doing wrong, what could I do to improve my performance? […]

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IT Jobs board?

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Tweet IT jobs board? Chris, a systems analyst, asks: Do you know an IT job website that doesn’t involve going through employment or recruitment agencies? I am fed up of having to convince every agent I speak to that I can do the job – just want them to send off my Professional CV! In […]

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Twitter: #FollowFriday for UK #Jobs Seekers

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Tweet Twitter: #FollowFriday for UK #Jobs Seekers Twitter is the social media of the moment, and many tout it as the solution for UK Job Seekers. Twitter is a micro-blogging service, which you can think of as online mobile texting. You have 140 characters to say and send what ever you want. If people find […]

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Professional CV Writing

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Job Application: trial period

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Tweet Job Application: trial period Claire, a job seeker, asks: Is this employer taking advantage of me? I gave my CV into a cafe to apply for a job as a waitress, and the next day she called me asking if I could come and work for a 2hr non-paid trial? The following day, I […]

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