Job Search: Employment in 24hrs

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Tweet Job Search: Employment in 24hrs Is it possible, in a job search, to get a job and be employed in less than 24hrs? Simply yes – here is how to do it in 8steps or less! A friend of mine rang me a few weeks back, and asked if I could help him. We […]

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Linkedin Jobs: Q&A?

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Tweet Linkedin Jobs: Q&A? Dave Lawson asks: How do Recruiters and Hiring Managers look upon LinkedIn Q&A? Many people participate in Q&A under the assumption that it improves their overall resume. Yet, how do recruiters and hiring managers look upon participation in Q&A? Do you review the Q&A contributions of potential candidates? Are numbers – […]

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1000 Job Applications, No Job

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Tweet 1000 Job Applications, No Job Thomas asks: I have sent out over 1000 CV’s and Job Applications, so far with no job offers. I am in the Armed Forces, I have a degree, I have experience and I am willing to move. I find jobs all the time. What does society want from me? […]

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No response after interview

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Tweet No response after initial interview, now what? Jason, an MBA student, asks: I interviewed for a position with a company I really want to work for. However, I have had no response from the HR recruiter or hiring manager since my initial interview. I have called and emailed more than 4 times in the […]

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CV Obsolete

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Tweet Visual CV photo credit: Valentin.Ottone David asks: Will CV’s and resumes be obsolete in 5 years? I don’t have a CV, and I will never have one again. 99% of my business comes via business connections and referrals, or via networks. Anyone who wants my history can look it up online via a simple […]

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