Job Search: get enthusiastic about yourself!

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Tweet Job Search: get enthusiastic about yourself! David, a job seeker asks: Is it just me, or does everyone feel guilty when writing a CV/application letter? I can’t think of anything good to say about myself, everything so far is a big fat lie. In answer: In answer, NO! People often feel scared, in part […]

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Can’t find a job?

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Tweet Can’t find a job? Danny asks: I often read that there is a shortage of people in Scotland with no 2nd language. I am fluent in French and Spanish, my German is not too bad and I’m learning Gaelic. I have the letters MA, DPSI, ACIL after my name and do the odd interpreting […]

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Get a Job, not a CV!

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Tweet Get a Job, not a CV! Good Morning – I hope this finds you well! Have you been on a job search recently? Bet you got knocked back a bit – sorry to hear that, better luck next time. If we can help please – just ask But you were probably one of those […]

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Video CV resignation

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Tweet Video CV resignation There is a lot of debate at present about both the Online Profile and the Video CV – are they more effective than a piece of paper? But one thing that should be remembered about all CV’s, is that evidence follows you everywhere in the new online world. For instance, how […]

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CV/Resumes – new technology v old tricks

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Tweet Video CV If you read the latest marketing stuff on CV‘s and Resumes, particularly from those selling VideoCV’s or standard eFormat Resumes, then you have to have one of these new formats as opposed to an old piece of paper. The thinking goes that….. You stand out from the crowd Your skills can be […]

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