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Tweet LinkedIn Profile Tips Here are our top5 LinkedIn Profile Tips that will improve your LinkedIn Profile today. No.1 – Name and picture You are not credible and won’t be taken as such without both a full name and profile picture. Don’t leave them blank or use false items, and don’t use your company name […]

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How is the word “volunteer” perceived on a CV/resume?

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Tweet Perception of Volunteer photo credit: Nevada Tumbleweed Joanne asks: I sometimes hear that it’s detrimental to include the word “volunteer” on a profile, as it implies that the experience and training is not “real.” Many feel that the volunteer work should be listed, but without the word “volunteer.” However, does this imply that the […]

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Job Application: Is my Mensa membership worth mentioning?

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Tweet Job Application: Mensa membership Richard asks: I was just asked why my Mensa membership appears neither in my resume nor my Linkedin profile. I have always taken the view my qualification for Mensa is about my natural gifts, whereas my resume, etc., are about what I have achieved. Am I wrong? Are you impressed […]

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Interview tips – with a presentation….

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Tweet Interview photo credit: laverrue Jason asks: Following a successful application/CV, I am now looking forward to an interview tomorrow afternoon for a fund raising job. The structure of the interview from their letter is as follows: 2.55pm Arrive at reception for interview 3.00pm Interview begins 3.45pm Interview ends The first thing I have to […]

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