(Bad) Example of a Job Advert

- Example of a Job Advert

Tweet (Bad) Example of a Job Advert Sometimes you look at things, and think: “Bet they lost their job as a result of doing that!” A friend on social media told me to have a look at a job advert posted on Reed.co.uk recently by Croydon-based recruiter Operations Resources, which is one of the worst […]

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Too much employment opportunity?

- 5 steps to employment, Job Advert, Job Application

Tweet Too much employment opportunity? In these days of economic gloom, a barely recovering economy and up/down unemployment figures, we are used to job markets where there are too many job applicants, and too few jobs. But markets still do exist where there are lots of jobs; in fact, in these arkets there is Too […]

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First Professional CV Writers question

- CV Writing, CV Writing Service, Professional CV, Professional CV Writers

Tweet First Professional CV Writers question As the owner of a recruitment business that also offers professional job seeker service, including professional CV Writing, I learn a lot from working on both sides of the recruitment market place. With my recruitment hat on, my first question to any job applicant for any of our jobs […]

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How to search for a job?

- career change, CV Writing, job search

Tweet How to search for a job? If you were undertaking a job search, one of the actions you could take to improve your chances and speed employment would be to go and ask the experts: employers, recruiters, other job seekers. I mean, surely, they must know how to search for a job, right? However, […]

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Web 2.0 and recruitment – its about the “hunt/find – and check!”

- recruitment, tutorial

Tweet Job Search I read this article this morning, and thought – “does he know what’s going on?” And then I thought – “Hmm: its just a piece of seminar fodder!” The reality of recruiters, and even employers using web 2.0 is – they already do. We just often at present don’t use it to […]

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