Agency Work

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Tweet Agency Work Temporary Job How to get Agency Work or a Temporary Job Even though as a recruitment agecy we don’t handle Agency Work, I often get asked how to get Agency Work or a Temporary Job. The system I keep recommending works time after time, and very quickly, and its quite easy to […]

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Can I include the logo in my CV?

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Tweet CV Writing photo credit: shizhao Mark asks: Can I include the logo of an old employer in my CV? In answer: Accepting that its probably a copyright item, and you would need permission, my question would be why? Either you have left that employer/s, or are intending to leave that employer? If they were […]

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What does “over-qualified” really mean?

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Tweet Over Qualified? photo credit: juhansonin Mark asks: I would appreciate your assistance on my research into the executive job market for an upcoming article for CIO Magazine. Most executives, managers and senior functional specialists have heard that reply from a hiring manager, recruiter or HR person at least once in their careers. This response […]

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