Resign or Redundant?

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Tweet Resign or Redundant? Kirsty asks: Is it better on CV to resign from a job, or to be made redundant? I am considering changing my job but I think I might be made redundant in the next three months. Do future employers prefer to see ‘resigned from previous job’ or ‘made redundant from previous […]

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May 2009 UK unemployment

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Tweet May 2009 UK unemployment I have left it a few days before commenting on the May 2009 UK unemployment data, and the reason for that is simple: I want to read what the media commentators had to say about it. Amusingly, many of the papers handed over their columns to various politicians, who either: […]

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Win a Job Search

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Tweet Job Search Just Read the Advert at Least Four Times! Do I look like Superman? No, but why is it that I, and many other CV/resume writers get called superman – or Wonder Woman for our female more than equals – when none of us wear our red underwear outside our clothing? Could it […]

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When is the best time to look for a new job?

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Tweet Looking for a Job photo credit: di_the_huntress Richard asks: When is the best time to look for a new job? In answer: It is always a crazy market out there for jobs, but particularly at present. Even if you think your job I secure in your current post, you should always be doing the […]

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What makes an employee leave within three months of joining?

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Tweet What makes an employee leave within three months of joining? Shatru asks: What makes an employee leave the company within three months of joining? In answer: Three areas, in order of occurrence: They just didn’t fit – covers a whole lot of issues, from them/the employer not being clean and clear about what they […]

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