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Telephone Interview Help!

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James asks: I need some guidance on what to say when I receive a phone call from a recruiter company or employment agency. Is there any specific guide for excellent telephone conversations from recruiters or employment agents? How do I handle the initial phone call that recruiter companies or agents make to you when they receive your CV and application for a role. Also, should I when asked tell them the names of companies that I have interviewed with? I usually say no because of confidentiality issues even if I already know that I was unsuccessful on some of the interviews.

In answer:
You could always buy a copy of our Telephone Interview book, which would answer all your questions on Telephone Interviews. A couple of quick Telephone Interview Help guidelines……

  1. Have a business focused eMail address, and buy a new PAYG mobile – cost around £20, just for taking incoming calls. You then know phone calls coming in on that phone are from recruitment companies/employers. Record a business focused voicemail message, that says something along the lines of: “Hello, this is X, I am sorry I can not take your phone call, but I will call you back today.”
  2. Keep a Job Search Toolkit with you, consisting of: a copy of your CV, a notepad and 2xpens, a list of all the jobs you have applied for. When they call, you are then prepared
  3. Before you answer the ringing phone, know how long you can take the call for? As the caller in any conversation always has the power, I always suggest that you answer, get introduced and know which company you are talking to about which position, and then advise that you have just been caught before you get into a meeting/lecture, so only have 5mins to chat. This means they get focused, check the basics, and you have less time to make mistakes!
  4. Have a “why me” statement that focuses on them and not you. You could use your cover letter as a basis
  5. Your goal should always be to get a physical interview – nothing more, nothing less. If you think the job sounds interesting, say so and ask if you can meet?

Our Telephone Interview book covers all of the questions you may need to answer in a Telephone Interview, but simply: keep answering that question the way you have. Make yourself seem wanted over desperate.

Good Luck!


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