Telephone Interview

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009 - Telephone Interview

Telephone Interview

The telephone interview places three obstacles in front of the job seekers

  • The challenge of questions
  • A restrictive communications environment
  • The need for clear communication and presentation is paramount

Fail any of these challenges, and that ideal job becomes but a “thank you for your application” letter.

How would you like to over come all obstacles, and increase your personal confidence so that you can…….

  • Overcome any interview question
  • Use your voice to project professionalism

Enabling you to position yourself as the BEST candidate for the job, and hence get hired!

My name is Ian R McAllister, and I am a director of a professional recruitment business based in the UK, which also provides candidate service including Professional CV Writing. After a 22 year career in the global telecoms industry, during which time as a trained interviewer I hired 100’s of people to fulfil various multi-million pound projects, I worked in corporate finance before joining the recruitment industry five years ago.

When I first joined the recruitment industry, two things struck me:

  • How many good people were quickly dismissed in the hiring process, as they could not communicate their suitability for that position
  • That secondly all of these people could quickly and easily improve their job applicant success simply by easily learning and applying some key techniques at key points in their job application

After the creation and submission of your Professional CV in the job application process, the second most critical part of successfully gaining any job is passing the telephone interview and agreeing the date of the physical job interview. However, it is accepted in the recruitment industry that most job applicants handle the telephone interview incorrectly, and resultantly it removes more candidates from the job application process than the CV sifting stage.

As part of our own Professional CV service, we provide a series of guides to our customers to enable our clients get a physical interview on average every 2.973 job applications – and this is one of those guides.

In this instant download eBook you will be shown the techniques to win the Telephone Interview, including:

  • Communication – the telephone as a business tool
  • Your voice, and how to project it
  • telephone etiquette – everyone thinks they know how to use and talk on a telephone, but it changes in the interview situation
  • What to do before you apply for a job
  • Telephone Interview questions
  • The informational interview
  • The interview – why you should not accept an inbound Telephone Interview request, and how to close out the call to ensure a physical interview
  • How to handle Computer Assisted telephone Interviews
  • What to do after the interview

To order our eBook NOW, with instant download – yes, even if its 2o’clock in the morning – then….


If you need an interview winning solution, sign-up for our Professional CV service

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