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If you are a Job Seeker or a student of modern media, then by now you – or may not have – heard of Neville Keithley. Oh, you haven’t heard of him? You are probably not the only one, but his story has a series of lessons for the modern job seeker.

The job search of Neville Keithley:
Newspaper executive Mr Neville Keithley, 47, who lives in Hastings, was managing director at Glasgow-based publishers Archant Scotland which publishes local and regional papers such as The Extra, The Advertiser and The Gazette titles, until he was made redundant in June 2007 after it had been bought out by Johnston Press in January of the same year.

Having tried recruitment consultants, head hunting firms and offered to work for free; without the offer of a job, he came to national attention after taking out a quarter page advert in The Telegraph:
Neville Keithley - Telegraph Advert

The experiment:
So after reading about Mr Keithley’s plight, I thought I might try a bit of an experiment in the art of Social Media, and specifically the Google CV.

Having written an article here on Neville Keithley, and undertaken an existing search of his Google CV results, I then added the screen capture images to my personal Flickr account, and sent out a tweet via Twitter for people to Digg the resultant image. This should have improved its Google rankings, and hence pushed up the results related to my articles to the search term “Neville Keithley.”

So, was the experiment a success?

Today’s screen capture suggests YES! Of the first page search results on the term “Neville Keithley” in broad match, my results now create 8 out of 10 results, with the original article slipping in at number10:
Neville Keithley - Google CV - Broad Match 20th April

Secondly, a broad match image search means that much as thought the image from the BBC come sin first, my pink-shirt now comes in third:
Neville Keithley - Google CV - Picture Broad Match 20th April

NB: please, note, and this will be the only time this is true, I come in 11 places ahead of the excellent James Cann!

So, a Big Thank You to all my Twitter friends!

What does your Google CV look like?

The modern job search is about both push marketing (applying for advertised jobs), and pull marketing (being found). As I have said in a previous article If I can’t find you, I won’t hire you!

The modern – and successful – job search is as much about applying both sets of skills, as simply applying. It would be something that Mr Neville Keithley – if he has not yet found himself a job – would be wise to learn.

But then again, he doesn’t have to – I will happily do it for him for free, as this experiment continues: if you know Neville Keithley, please pass on my contact details. And look out for part3 of the Neville Keithley experiment.

Good Luck!

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