They choose their employer

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They choose their employer…

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Like many British citizens, and friends around the world,  I have watched this week the unfolding of the quasi-political and legal story of the News of the World Phone Hacking affair. Its gone from: stupidity in 2006;  to two convictions in 2007; to a bit more information coming out in late 2010/January 2011. Finally, this week  has ended with the closure of a 168 year old newspaper title. But its by no means the end of the phone hacking affair

That later event could be called either a brilliant business strategy or a cynical judgement call by Rupert Murdoch and News International. Certainly on last nights BBC’s Question Time show, the audience wasn’t being fooled by what is being called “just a rebranding.” The url and the .com were just registered on Tuesday 5th July, 2011, so no doubt the Murdoch Empire will be back on our tabloid newstands soon – I’d think sometime in early September, just after the summer holidays.

One of the tragedies of this closure is the loss of some 200 journalistic jobs, where the holders of most of these posts were not even in place in the key period from 2002 to 2007. In fact new editor Colin Myler actually picked a new broom policy through the newsroom, and cleared most of the old guard out from the Rebekah Brooks/Andy Coulson era. The average employment age term of the News of the World newsroom I am hence informed is somewhere around three years: which is very short when you think about it.

But is this a tragedy for these journalists, most of whom we must assume are good, honest and hard working?

This is where we come to my chosen headline: they choose their employer!

The problem of innocence of the post holder, is that although that may be true, if you joined after a well publicised failure of the brand of the company or organisation that you were recruited to, you accept two things:

  1. You joined a company in turn around. If the results don’t come at a business level, then its still going to crash
  2. You joined a company with a tarnished brand. If the management made the right decisions, then see rule1. If they didn’t, and didn’t dig deep enough, they the company is still going to crash – however good the commercial results

Statistically, the News of the World sold 4 out of every 10 newspapers on a Sunday. In fact, its journalists would joke that on a bad day, its sales dropped more than its nearest rival sold. It was that dominant in the Sunday newspaper market.

But its management didn’t address the key fundamental issues which were publicly and legally raised in: 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010 or 2011. Yet while this clanging alarm bell was still going off, good professional journalists who were looking for jobs, were still applying and getting employed at the News of the World.

So are they innocent victims of the same tragedy?

I don’t think personally that they took part in any continuing phone hacking, but as job seekers I must also conclude that they didn’t do sufficient due diligence of their prospective employer. They were not so much victims, as willing riders on a damaged train or plane that had bad management.

If you want to avoid such problems yourself, then read the article 10 things to check about your future employer. In the mean time, I wish these soon to be redundant journalists Good Luck!


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2 Responses to “They choose their employer”

  1. David Rathert Says:

    Rebekah Brooks… Rupert Murdock… David Cameron… Andy Coulson… one wonders what history will make of this sorry crew. If they’re successful, of course, which thankfully is growing less likely by the minute, then it will revere them as heroes. We must hope that it does not, for such a world would not welcome the likes of thee and me, dear readeer, except as cattle or slaves.

  2. Hughe Says:

    There’s more rumours starting to surface around Piers Morgan and phone hacking. I want to see him answering questions about all this as well as the Murdoch dynasty. I think its far more widespread than these hardly exhaustive enquiries have even begun to touch on yet…

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