What is wrong with a three page CV?

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Three Page CV

Die 3 Kleinen Schweinchen
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Steven asks: I’m a construction consultant/bid estimator for large projects, who was recently laid off. Looking for new work, I used a professional CV/resume writer – a good one – but I am not happy with my resultant CV. I have to squeeze in lots of career & skills info, so I decided to add a page. What is so wrong to go with a 3 page CV/resume?

In answer:
The reason I and every other job search or employment professional – from CV/resume writers, recruiters, and HR professionals – will tell you a 2page CV/resume is the answer is because:

It will not get read beyond page 1 at first sift, never mind 2 or 3!

If the first three to five lines aren’t right and engage, the reader won’t get to the middle of the first page…. seriously! Our five point Why Was I Rejected test will show where the key points are that you need to hit in your application, where the goal is to get an interview:

  • Read the advert three times
  • Highlight the key job skills and competency requirements using a highlighter pen
  • Focus on your overwhelming strengths for that job, not the rest which is details
  • Summarize just the key points and say that extra detailed info is available on subject xyz
  • Always include a Cover Letter

If, and when you have proven your functional competence against the job, and need to prove your social fit within the organisation at interview, take your two pages of detail – or even better, portfolio with references – with you

Academic and statistical research suggests that something standard and easily read is the best font choice, such as Times New Roman or Arial

Good Luck!

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