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Twitter Jobs Board?

Baby's first Twitter spam.

Twitter, the new mico-blogging service, seems to have developed a new breed of mini Jobs Boards. There are more and more of these services developing, and as a recruiter/CV writer, I thought it worth a short article on the experiences so far, and where I see this going.


Twitter was developed as a micro-blogging service. You have 140 characters to say almost anything you want, and broadcast cast it into the Twitter community. Those who find your twet’s as these microblogs are called interesting, can follow your stream of tweets – you hence develop a micro-community of your own. Ashton Kutcher currently is the most followed person on Twitter with over 2.6million followers, but that’s partly because he’s a celebrity and also being married to Demi Moore means he can micro-blog about her and her body: voyeuristic or what?

If you are not a celebrity, you can also be found via a service called hash tags, where to the key words you attach a # key, eg: #jobs or #ukjobs. As a Brit, I suggest if you are new to Twitter, you follow/listen to the excellent Stephen Fry – witty and twitter aware. I suggest that to learn about twitter you also might follow NikkiPilkington who runs TwetMentor for newbies and BusinessonTwitter, and MarkShaw who’s entire business is focused on Twitter. If you are looking for people in UK Employment – eg: recruiters, HR people etc, – then have a look at my Employment UK twitter league, where presently JamesCaan of DragonsDen fame leads the community with 2685 followers.

Twitter as a Jobs Boards?

If you are following the idea of Twitter so far, then as a broadcast medium you may have got the idea that it sounds much like a jobs board: which itself is a development of a newspaper, which is a development of a village noticeboard, eg – post a notice, and let people apply to you via published contact details. This has resulted in the development of some twitter-based and mainly reliant jobs boards. was developed by Social Media “guru” Jason Barrett of Smuvrd, whose core offering is Social Media management packages to companies, starting at £175/month for a blog management package (eg: they blog and distribute via social media for you). At you can list your job for £49/month, and it gets regularly tweted out into the Twitter community. As of today – July 10th, 2009 – there are 21 jobs listed on TwitJobs claims to have 30,000+ followers, but on its TwitJobsUK account it only lists 13,588. TwitJobs twets its own jobs plus anything it would appear that is hash-tagged with jobs or ukjobs was developed by Gary Zukowski, owner of EasySoft Solutions, Inc., an IT Staffing and Consulting firm in Charlotte, NC. Yes, that makes it United States based, but it claims to have developed it services beyond North America. This is hence why its Director of Business Partnerships Lauriana Zukowsk is presently direct messaging recruiters and people in UK/European employment business like myself: some might not appreciate this, but as I like learning so I will take that as the “gain” over the downside of the aggressive DM! charges from $.99c/day for a job listing/tweting. TweetmyJobs claims 65,000 followers on its main website, but its main Twitter account had 4,245 as of today – I also couldn’t seem to access some of the pdf business model explanations from my MacBook

Jobs Boards
Having reviewed two of the new comers, I thought it might be interesting to see how some of the old-hand jobs boards are addressing Twitter. MonsterUK have protected their updates – I have sent a request, still waiting….. – but their main US account at MonsterCareers twet’s everything from both and hash tagged with jobs.

If you follow NikkiP and Mark Shaws best practise advice on how to address Twitter, then at present I’d say that on a “good to the Twitter community” scale that Monster gets it, and the two new comers come lagging in a measured distance behind. Plus, their volumes of advertised jobs are far, far lower

Twitter for Employment?

I am struggling at present to see Twitter as an effective channel to a position for job seekers -or at least I would be. Let me explain

I struggle partly because Twitter as a system and as a culture is still developing – admittedly rapidly. Secondly, as the Twitter community expands,the volume of flow of message through these communities will exponentially expand, and results in an man-machine interface collapse : TweetmyJobs sees this coming, trying to comb and split its data by sector/region using hastags

But mainly because at present, in the real world economy there are more job seekers than there are jobs. If the situation was reversed – which I am convinced it will be in three years or less, with probably a mini-spike between September 2009 and April 2010 – then it will be the employers rushing to the micro-blogging site to find great employees. The present 21 jobs on TwitJobs, and the diversity of pricing – 99cents a day versus $2.50, or nothing if you list via Monster – suggests that the business model is still at best “developing.”

The only Twitter focused job seeking tool I see working at present is, which is a Google-like search tool for twitter job seekers. It is hence not reliant (presently) on employer paid fee submission, meaning it has – if you the recruiter/employer twet in the right way – every job that passes through Twitter listed in its dBase. Therefore, it has a jobs dBase as big as an existing jobs board like Monster. It also overcomes the man/machine interface problem of needing to comb data streams, as its internal search-intelligence does this for you: it seems to consistently know the difference between London, Ontario and London, England. By being free at present, and conforming to an existing business model like Google, it should also conform to peoples expectations and be accepted quickly.

Twitter thoughts

At the moment, Twitter as I see it is a good platform for the presently unemployed/between opportunities to find both moral support and good advice on how to get a job quicker, and as a side benefit who is hiring. Secondly, it is good for employers – and hence recruiters – both looking for general talent as well as individuals that can engage the social media driven world.

Thirdly, it is a wonderful platform on which to find great people in your own market, and spot what your competition is doing – or actually co-operate with them! For instance, tools such at the powered is a micro community for split-fee recruiters, allowing them to post and find split fee’s projects

Personally I enjoy Twitter, and I wouldn’t have met great people in the global world of recruitment like: Animal in Canada; or CincyRecruiter and BillVick in the United States; or been even more impressed with the team at UKRecruiter lead by LouiseTriance were it not for Twitter. UKRecruiter provide a Twitter Guide for Recruiters, which at £4.99 seems great value for a recruiter or employment professional who is new to Twitter

In summary: twitter is fun, but I don’t think its a basis technology on which to found a jobs board – yet, if at all?

Good Luck!

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4 Responses to “Twitter Jobs Board”

  1. Jason Barrett Says:

    Hi –

    I understand I am a little late in contributing, but there are some key points that have been missed out on this topic.

    First, success rates – We started honestly, as an experiment thinking it would be a great channel to broadcast jobs through. This was back in March when other job boards are closing down. Within 6 weeks of launch the first person gained employment whilst they were applying on their Iphone, on the bus to the job centre.

    As of 30th July 2009 we have over 60 jobs and broadcast to over 35,000 directly (15,000 on TwitJobsUK) and the remainder on specialist channels (TwitJobsMedia, TwitJobsRetail, TwitJobsLondon etc) also, we broadcast across 9 social networks in total. These are Bebo, Facebook, Linkedin, Plurk, Tumblr, Friendfeed, Posterous, Mashable and of course Twitter. The 35,000 we quote (today) are the direct people we broadcast to, everyday.

    We gain approximately 2,500 new friends/followers per week, and due to the real time and mobile advantages twitter in particular has, we have many success stories of people gaining work since we’ve launched. We are currently working on a piece with a national paper collating all of these together, and will be happy to share once it is live.

    More than happy to answer more questions and keep this debate live, it certainly is a new and interesting space to be in. From my personal perspective, (and I hate the word GURU!) one of the reasons for me to start this was to show just how powerful social media is, and how it can be applied to a different sector and (more or less) instantly compete with conventional job boards.

    Jason Barrett
    Founder/CEO /
    Jobs Fed Into Your Life

  2. spencer Says:

    Great comments! I have found some employment opportunity through Twitter, but its not been great or easy or eventually relevant: only so much you can say in 140 characters. Far better to go to the jobs boards or the newspapers, or recruiters and employers I found in the end – now happily employed! Rgds, Spencer

  3. johnny Says:

    Hello. I have been reading this forum for a bit, Figured I would chip in – Great post!

  4. John-Musca Says:

    Thank You – great comments, I really appreciate this! John Musca

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