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A UK CV differs some what from an American Resume, in that:

  • The term CV – short for Curriculum Vitae – is used over the American term resume. The term Curriculum Vitae has the same meaning in both cultures, being longer in length and for an academic or medical position
  • UK CV’s use English English, as opposed to American English. Make sure that you have your spell-checker correctly set!
  • The best UK CV‘s are still two pages long, although it is slightly more acceptable for UK CV’s to be longer in length
  • There is less use made of “Situation/Action/Result” in writing up experiences, and more of who I worked for and what I did in a UK CV
  • In a UK CV there is often a longer personal section at the end, with more about hobbies and family

However, with more candidates using internet-drawn down CV Templates, and more employers becoming results focused; the differences are narrowing.

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