UK HSMP Visa or Workpermit visa?

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Mustafa asks: I heard about HSMP visa and visited their on how to apply. If the employer gives sponsorship, than do I need any Visa? Is there any work visa for European Union?

In answer:
The UK, like many countries, is tightening up its immigration conditions for migrant workers. After a period of study of other countries approaches, it implemented a points based system form 2007, where by an application is considered under three categories which each score points:

– Your age, qualifications, sector, experience and existing pay
– Your associations to the UK, including language capability
– Your ability to support yourself financially

If you get the right minimum score in each of the three categories, AND enough points to pass a minimum overall score, then you can be considered for issuing of a migrant worker visa. This gives you the right to come and work in the UK for up to five years in your agreed sector, but not to bring any dependants, even including a wife or children.

The number of points required depends on your skills and sector. Tier1 is for high skilled people and entrepreneur investors; Tier2 is for sponsored employees for UK based companies, and training sports people; Tier3 which is seasonal workers is still to be defined (it comes in in 2009), but would need sponsorship.

As you come down the tiers, the required points go down but the amount of proof required by the employer goes up. Sponsoring employers need to be registered with the UK Border Agency.

The website you listed, which is the actual application process, is not the best one to start with. Go to the UK Border Agency overview first for their guide to working in the UK, which explains the whole system. If you find you fall into Tier2 (most likely), then read the Migration Advisory Committee notes, which lists shortage categories – if you are outside their list, then even sponsored you will not get a visa. After that, go to the UK Border Agency points calculator – not all degrees have the same points ratings.

We deal with chefs, and were happy when MAC advised UKBIA that chefs were inside the short-skills sectors. But I have to say that in light of the global economic downturn, UK BIA are being quite tight presently on any visa issuing – there is a very stringent set of issues around employers being able to prove that a UK worker could not fill the desired position.

Good Luck!

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